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Unlock the door to exceptional flooring with The Texas Builder! Say hello to style, comfort, and durability, all rolled into one stunning package! Flooring is our passion, and we're here to take your home to a whole new level of elegance. From the classic charm of hardwood to the sleek versatility of laminate, and everything in between - our flooring materials are a feast for the eyes and a treat for your feet! And when it comes to installation, we've got you covered! Our professionals work magic, ensuring every detail is flawless!


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Step into a world where walls become works of art and protection is redefined! Our wall coverings dance with creativity and embrace durability like never before. From the vibrant strokes of paint to the intricate tapestry of wallpaper, each option is a masterpiece in itself. Tiles stand tall against moisture's might, while wood paneling wraps your space in a cozy embrace. Textured finishes add drama and flair, while fabric coverings evoke elegance with a soft touch. And when it comes to backsplashes, get ready to be floored by the captivating symphony of colors and patterns that harmonize with your kitchen or bathroom. With an array of colors, patterns, and materials to choose from, your imagination is the only limit!


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